What dreams will you make come true?

Harmony Dreams utilizes a coaching style that blends the elements of a balanced life and dream exploration to increase your quality of life. When was the last time you felt like your various roles in life (parent, worker, friend, etc) formed a pleasing and consistent whole YOU? And what happened to the life of your dreams that you once yearned for? 

Let Coach Shay take you on a journey into yourself, assisting you with creating awareness of the obstacles holding you back. Then plan and succeed in creating the harmonious and balanced life of your dreams.

About the Coach


Meet Your Coach - Shay Perry

Shay is an empathetic life, career, and executive coach who has been called upon to help others for her entire life. Since childhood Shay has been approached by others who want to share their concerns and seek advice, including complete strangers! This gift and Shay's love for helping others combine to make Shay an ideal coach.

Shay's life experiences makes her a coach who can understand where you are coming from. After a decade of helping youth and young adults determine their path through life, Shay realized that she had never done this work herself. This uncertainty allowed Shay to begin a process similar to the one that she will lead you through in your personal coaching sessions.


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